AI-Powered Visual Content and Video Editing

The value that AI can bring to creative businesses also carries through into the creation of visual content. This goes beyond making it faster and more efficient, it also includes features that improve the look, feel and pull of images and videos for target audiences. In this blog piece, we outline how AI-driven tools are adding value to visual content creation, and outline a few examples of AI-driven visual content tools that can empower the competitive edge of creative agencies in London and beyond.


How AI is Improving Visual Content

Thanks to the newest generation of AI that harnesses vast datasets to make helpful decisions and suggestions, this benefit has also extended into the world of video editing.

1. Automated Editing

AI-driven tools are integrated into video editing tools to streamline and quicken the video editing process. AI is able to analyse the granular details of a video at speed, and can identify the most compelling shots and opportunities to enhance the visuals, creating a number of improvements in quick time. AI can also be used to organise the video clips and cuts into a compelling and smoother narrative.

2. Image Enhancement

First impressions matter a lot, especially so in the creative industry! AI-driven visual content tools can instantly scan and enhance images, optimising factors such as brightness, contrast, and colour balance. In this way, details can be sharpened and noise in images can be reduced into a more eye-catching and pixel-perfect creative, in faster time.

3. Smart Content Suggestions

AI-driven tools can offer a range of content creation designs and suggestions, ranging from adding or modifying elements in a visual creative, to creating whole videos and images from scratch using a script or prompt. This includes the adding of music and aligning the content to reflect the brand that it is for.

4. Deep Learning

AI tools use vast datasets to make helpful suggestions and decisions that drive more results. For example, a tool such as can offer specific suggestions about a creative piece to improve the engagement that it receives. These suggestions can include font sizes and types, colour-compatibility, element spacing, and much more.


Three AI-Empowered Tools for Visual Content

These three AI-empowered tools are three examples that bring the potential of AI in this area to life. By using these, creative businesses can create more compelling videos and graphics, while also taking less time to do so.

1. Canva AI-Powered Design Assistance

Canva has become a household name in the design world. Like other competitors such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva offers AI-powered design assistance tools, including suggestions for layouts, fonts and colour schemes, as well as more powerful tools such as its Text-to-image generator feature.

2. Lumen5 for AI-Generated Video Content

Lumen5 is a standout tool for video content creation. It uses AI to transform text-based content into engaging video presentations. Creative businesses can repurpose blog posts, articles, or press releases into captivating video content with ease using Lumen5. It also features templates and millions of licensed videos and photos that can be intelligently marshalled to create picture-perfect videos.

3. Pictory for Video Creation & Editing

Like Luman5, Pictory also boasts text to video creation capabilities, but has some additional features too. With Pictory, it’s possible to directly edit a video by using text-prompts, enabling the changes to be carried out without the need for manually editing a vast range of elements to work together.



As AI continues to advance in its capability and accessibility in business, it will be more and more important for creative agencies in London and beyond to adapt accordingly and use these tools to empower their projects and workflows. With AI-driven visual content tools, it will be possible to achieve more, using less time, while also getting invaluable, data-driven suggestions that improve conversions. By understanding how AI can be applied in your business and by using tools to exploit it effectively, you can sharpen your competitive edge and get ahead of the curve.


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