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Having worked with companies providing a range of financial services throughout our 18-year history, we’ve seen huge changes in the way the sector operates and how service providers and their clients use their technology. Of particular note is the speed and breadth of change in regulation, which has placed significant added pressures on IT systems and teams.

At Cubit, not only do we know IT, but we also know how financial services organisations and their clients depend on it. We know what the business priorities are, and we are also acutely aware of the potential risk any misstep could have. We think having that broader business perspective is important in enabling us to do our best possible job for you, and so do many of our clients.

Who we work with

We tend not to put our financial services client logos on our website, but rest assured we work with a number of small and medium sized banks, asset managers, brokers, investment funds and financial advisors, keeping their endpoint devices,  infrastructure and their staff operating smoothly, securely and compliantly

We know what matters

We work with internal IT teams and company owners across a broiad range of financial services businesses. We know what’s important to the business, to staff and to customers, and we work with them to deliver against those expectations.

FCA and GDPR Compliance

Compliance is more than a box-ticking exercise and should be a consideration at every step of your approach to IT. But in a world where remote working is now the norm you run the risk of having less control over the networks, devices and applications over which your data travels. Cubit regularly help businesses audit their compliance risk profile and work with them to put in place plans for improvement and continued monitoring.


Data Security

The risk of a security breach for any business can be hugely damaging. For businesses in the financial services sector, responsible for clients’ sensitive information, it can be a business-ending event. And with the sector among the most targeted by malicious attackers, ensuring your security protocols are robiust and up to date is critical.

Not only does Cubit actively manage the cybersecurity of many of our clients., we also provide staff training to minimise the risk of employees falling victim to social engineering and fishing attacks. With human error  a factor in 80+ percent of all data breaches, it’s a critical part of keeping your business and your clients’ data safe.


Business continuity and Disaster recovery

Beyond core security measure another consideration for financial services is keeping the business running in any circumstance.  If anything has been learnt in the last couple of years it’s that businesses need now to be able to react to change quickly, and enable employees and customers to keep functioning in the face of adversity.


At Cubit we provide a range of cloud-based back up and disaster recovery solutions designed to safeguard your business data and applications should the worst happen,  so that you can be opeartyional again with the minimum of upheaval.

Our disaster recovery processes meet ISO 27001 best practices. We can also help you develop a business continuity plan that helps you stay compliant with FCA regulations.

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What our clients say about us

“The true test of IT support is when you don’t have to worry about it. You want your IT consultants to be seen and not heard. That’s absolutely been the case with Cubit.”
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Mike Birtwistle
[Mike Birtwistle, Co-Founder, Incisive Health]

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