Remote Desktop Services

A virtual PC over the internet

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Remote Desktop Services or RDS, is a feature of Microsoft Windows Server that gives users a virtually identical experience to sitting at their desks from anywhere by delivering a virtual PC over the internet.


So how does it work?

Through a web portal or any computer running a Remote Desktop Client app, a user can connect to a host RDS server. Once logged in and authorised, it allows a user to remotely connect to a virtual desktop and access company files, applications and systems just as if they were using a computer in the office.

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Benefits of Remote Desktop Services

RDS can benefit businesses of all sizes. It allows employees who are working from home, hot desking, presenting or travelling, to connect to the RDS server and access documents and applications from anywhere and at any time. This allows employees to utilise shared resources such as Accounting packages, CRM and file servers while promoting collaboration between different teams and locations.

Access data over a secure connection

The ability to access company data over a secure connection via RDS helps maintain business integrity and data protection. The company data remains on the company server at all times and is not transferred to the users’ device. This allows for tighter security and is more bandwidth efficient for those people on slow internet connections

RDS also allows IT departments to efficiently deploy, upgrade and maintain software programmes easily as it’s hosted centrally on a server instead of multiple devices.

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