IT Support for Marketing, Design and PR Agencies

We can provide full IT support for digital companies such as marketing, design, PR and agencies in London.

IT Support for Marketing, Design and PR Companies in London

It has never been more crucial for an advertising agency or a PR firm to have a reliable IT system in place. An increasing number of traditional marketing agencies have adapted to digital media. As a creative digital agency, much of the software you use will be specific to your industry. In this digital landscape, creativity goes hand in hand with technology. An outdated or inadequate IT strategy can impede your agency’s creative ability and productivity.

We provide IT support for a number of advertising and marketing agencies, as well as PR firms, so our engineers and technicians are knowledgeable about your hardware and software requirements. Of course, we also understand that no two agencies are identical. Our passions lie in tailoring a bespoke IT strategy for your business and offering ongoing support with a friendly face.

Within a few months, you’ll see us as a part of your organisation – your own IT team.

Why choose Cubit Technology for your IT support?

  • Fixed monthly fees – no hidden charges!
  • Unlimited onsite support
  • Helpdesk for remote support
  • Extended hours coverage
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Server management
  • Windows, Mac and Linux
  • New workstation set-ups included
  • Service reports

Find out how we can help with our reliable IT support for Marketing, Design and PR Companies

Cross Platform Solutions

We’re aware that many creative agencies run a mixture of different operating systems in their office to suit different employees’ needs. Whilst Microsoft Windows is still the favourite for the vast majority of professionals, your web designers or graphic designers might use a Mac desktop and your developers might have their preferred flavour of Linux. At Cubit, we support Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and devices without bias. Our IT support team have a wealth of experience and proficiency with individual platforms, and our aim is to always provide the best appropriate technology for your company’s network solution regardless of the underlying technology. We can support cross platform compatibility issues, to ensure that you have peace of mind.

As part of your monthly fixed fee, our IT support includes all devices on your network. This includes your smartphones (Android, iPhone, and Blackberry) as well as your servers, PCs, Macs, printers and tablets!

Cloud Support for Marketing & Advertising Agencies

As cloud computing becomes more cost-effective, more and more marketing and advertising agencies are realising the benefits of moving their software application and server infrastructure to the cloud. This allows for more control and greater flexibility. For many agencies, however, deployment can be complicated when you need more advanced configurations. Not to mention maintenance. So where do you even start? That’s where we come in.

We can guide your agency through the process of deciding which IT solutions will help you to make the most of the cloud. We will put forward our recommendations based on your company’s requirements when it comes to your security and the security of your clients, your budget, your time-scale, and your internet connection. Once you are confident, having made an informed decision, we can then administer your chosen cloud products to ensure full integration with your existing systems.

Cloud Support includes, but is not limited to, the big three

G Suite by Google Cloud (formerly Google Apps)
Amazon Web Services

As part of the process, we will also help you to get the best internet connectivity based on your location, budget, and headcount.

Working in partnership with your organisation, we will handle your software licences and warranties, and liaise with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), maintenance companies and software vendors. We will take full responsibility for your entire IT strategy.

Want to know more about our IT Support for Marketing, Design and PR Agencies?

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