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From a team who understand you.

Having worked with marketing, PR and creative agencies throughout our 18-year history, we’ve seen huge changes in the way the sector operates and how agencies and their clients use their technology.

We currently run IT for over 700 people across 20 independent agencies in advertising, branding, design and PR. So we know all too well, with deadlines often tight and the value of intellectual property high, agencies have a real need for resilient, fast and secure technology.

Who we work with

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We know what matters

At Cubit, not only do we know IT, but we also know how creative organisations use it, and what your priorities are.

• Tight deadlines and the expectations for rapid response
• The IT and cybersecurity regulations that some clients insist are complied with
• Running a mixed network of Macs for creative people and Windows PCs for finance people
• Holding 10 years’ worth of work as 10TB+ of documents that can be accessed and collaborated on remotely
• Giving freelancers secure but limited access to the necessary data

How we can help

Combined Apple Mac and Windows PC support
The average mix of Mac – PC across our clients is in the region of a 40/60 split. But there’s more to success than simply keeping Macs working. Enabling them to work well with Windows machines, and on Microsoft-dominated networks, is also important. Find out more about our Mac capabilities here (link to new Mac Support page)

Industry-specific software support
We know many PR and Marketing agencies are reliant on specific applications, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, to deliver for their clients. Our team is fully versed on Creative Suite and other key tools to provide swift support when needed

Bandwidth and file sharing
Whether staff are working remotely or in the office, many PR, Marketing and Creative agencies require low latency, high bandwidth networks to be able to work on and share large files effectively. We work with you to ensure your hardware, networks and applications are designed to meet such challenges.

Client security demands
Many agencies are often required to meet their clients’ own demanding criteria for data security and compliance. We work with you to help you first understand what’s being asked of you, before implementing any measures to ensure compliance.

Beyond day-to-day support
Our relationships with our agency clients often go beyond day-to-day support. In many instances, we work as a strategic adviser, providing guidance on what the best choices for them as their company grows. Working with so many marketing and PR clients, we are well-placed to see what industry trends are on the horizon and how they might have an impact on IT requirements.

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What our clients say about us

“The true test of IT support is when you don’t have to worry about it. You want your IT consultants to be seen and not heard. That’s absolutely been the case with Cubit.”
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Mike Birtwistle
[Mike Birtwistle, Co-Founder, Incisive Health]

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