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  • Is your IT infrastructure able to meet the future needs of your business?
  • Can you keep up with all the new technologies that could improve your business?
  • Do you have the right IT infrastructure and tools in place for your business to reach its full potential?

Our IT consultancy services

Cubit Technology offers our clients IT consultancy and strategy support on an ongoing basis – it’s all part of the service. Our proactive IT Strategy and IT Consulting services helps you maximise the value of your IT infrastructure. We’ll regularly sit down with your team to discuss business goals, helping you make more informed technology decisions.

What types of IT Strategy and IT Consulting services do we provide?

As a proactive IT Consultancy firm, we offer a variety of services to support your business.

  • IT Infrastructure Consulting and Planning
  • Information Security Consultancy
  • Cloud Consulting and Adoption Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy

Cubit's IT Strategy and IT Consulting Services

IT Infrastructure Consulting and Planning

Many small businesses can initially expand using DIY IT and ad hoc support. However, there usually comes a point where management feels out of control because they’ve outgrown their IT arrangements. We can help by developing an IT strategy which guides decision-making and ongoing expenditure.

Information Security Consulting

Based on your business’s needs, we can generate a cybersecurity strategy. This will reduce the risk of a security breach and it will help you comply with industry regulations and contractual IT security requirements. We can also help you obtain Cyber Essentials certification certification which demonstrates your commitment to cybersecurity.

Cloud Consulting and Adoption Strategy

Cubit Technology can help you create a solid and viable cloud strategy, by helping to choose the right cloud platform and then migrating data, leaving the business more secure and its personnel more productive.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

IT failure can cause damage to your business. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an electrical problem, a cyber threat or an employee mistake, it can affect business productivity. We can help you develop a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan. This will ensure your data is backed up and that your business remains operational should any problems occur.

Find out how our IT Strategy & Consulting can help you

Our IT Strategy Consulting Process

Cubit ensures the smooth running of IT operations by creating a strategic plan for your IT systems:

Audit and IT Inventory

Building and maintaining an IT strategy, starts with the process of auditing and listing IT equipment. This looks at: servers and workstations, phone systems and handsets, mobiles, application software, WAN connections, LAN cabling and Wi-Fi, printers, audio-visual components, security procedures, backup and business continuity planning.

Define Business IT Goals and Requirements

We then consult with you to understand your business objectives and needs. Once your aims are defined, we consider the value of different products. We will make suggestions and discuss the pros and cons of each product, involving you in a collaborative process.

IT Strategy Proposal

Next, we create a proposal detailing the best IT Infrastructure for your business. Once approved, we provide a roadmap to take you from where you are now, to where you want to go. This includes an investment plan, equipment replacement schedule, software licensing programme and list of any potential issues.

Quarterly Reviews

We will meet with you regularly to review and document any changes to your business requirements. We will make sure you are receiving the most appropriate IT advice and guidance, and recommend new technology options or adjustments to your IT strategy when necessary.

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