Multi Factor Authentication

A second layer of authentication

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Did you know that your employees and passwords are usually your weakest security link? Because of this, you might not actually know who has access to your data and your network. But one of the most effective approaches to security, may well be the simplest.


Something you have, Something you know, Something you are

Multi factor authentication also known as MFA, is essentially a second layer of authentication to access an account. This could be something you have, something you are or something you know.

What if your server gets hacked and someone gets your password? Or you’re tricked into handing over your password through a form of social engineering or a phishing site? Even if your password does become compromised, you’re still protected. Cyber criminals cannot access your account without the second form of authentication.

See how Multi Factor Authentication can help make your business more secure

MFA validates a users identity simply and conveniently

A variety of technologies can provide a multi factor identification. Traditionally its included anything you can recall from passwords, pins or answers to security questions like what is your mother’s maiden name. Or something you possess from a smart card or an encrypted USB. But these are being phased out in favour of smart phones where a verifying a code is sent to your mobile or a second password is required from an app that generates a key. It’s even evolved into Biometric Identifiers that can include fingerprint, palm, retina or iris scanning and even facial or voice recognition.

Being secure isn’t easy

Yet multi factor authentication may be the right balance between IT security and user convenience for your business.

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