Online Backup

Online Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery in London

Backup service and disaster recovery

Data residing on workstations and servers is vulnerable to hardware failure, environmental disaster or corruption due to virus or other attacks. Therefore to keep your business systems running with minimal disruption, you should have a robust Disaster Recovery Plan. This includes at least two levels of backup – onsite and off-site. Your business cloud backup storage is more reliable and more secure than tapes or other physical devices.

Online backup services for businesses in London

Cubit Technology provide online backup services and Disaster Recovery solutions for businesses in London by offering both an encrypted backup of data and also a backup of an entire server. This means that in an emergency, an up-to-date replica server can be spun up remotely and your business can resume operations quickly without clients even being aware of any problem.

The Benefits of Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Services

Rapid restore achieved within hours
Capital Expenditure (CapEx) is minimised
Disaster Recovery (DR) server only charged when needed
Use of Internet bandwidth minimised

Disaster Recovery Plan

We work with businesses across London to develop their Disaster Recovery Plan as part of a Business Continuity strategy. This outlines a set of procedures and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business operating by restoring your systems back to how they were prior to the incident. The plan includes all areas of your IT including networks, business applications, hardware such as desktops and telephony (how to divert calls), hardware redundancy, wireless and internet connection, remote working capabilities, and server and data storage that will be sufficiently backed up and tested at regular intervals.

Cloud Backup Solutions

In order to safeguard your critical data, Cubit Technology recommends all customers to implement two levels of backup. In addition to your on-premise backup solutions, it’s essential to also have Cloud backup storage because of its reliability and added security including multiple authentication. We provide a fully managed business Cloud backup service of encrypted data and of your entire server to safeguard your business data while ensuring it can be restored in the event of a disaster or cyber attack.

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