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Many London agencies now make calls via their internet connection as it is cheaper, more flexible and more efficient than regular phone lines. 

Mobile VoIP services are used by about 3 billion people worldwide and can reduce expenses by 45% compared to conventional phones, boost efficiency by 67%, enhance voice quality, and lower costs by enabling remote workers.

What is a VoIP telephone system?

A VoIP telephone system is technology that allows you to make business telephone calls over an internet connection, rather than using a traditional phone line.

VoIP calls work by connecting on-site or remote telephone numbers to your office phone system using a broadband connection.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or cloud/IP telephony creates a unified communications system where connecting and collaborating is much easier.


  • No on-site telephone equipment 
  • Choose between a handset or a mobile device 
  • Easily facilitate a WFH model 

Benefits of VoIP telephony

Cost Savings

Hosted VoIP requires very little capital expenditure. It’s cheaper to install and operate. Expensive BT lines are no longer required.


Remote working is made simple as you can make and receive calls regardless of where you are without incurring international call charges.

Greater Flexibility

Continue to use a conventional phone if preferred. Receive phone calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multiple Calls

Take multiple calls simultaneously without additional charges or the physical line installations required for traditional systems.

More Features

Features include Caller ID, conference calling, incoming calls, call recording, video conferencing, voice-to-email, call waiting and call forwarding.

Why choose Cubit?

What differentiates us from other VoIP service providers in London is our understanding of our clients. 

We primarily support London creative, comms, marketing and PR agencies, and have done so for over 20 years. 

We recognise the unique challenges they face and offer tailored support services that consider their needs.

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