Virtual Private Network

Securely access network resources from anywhere

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN), was developed to allow people outside a network or ‘remote users’ to access corporate applications and documents without compromising security. In the post-Covid world, where many workers are still working remotely, ensuring this secure access is in place must be a priority.

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Safe connections

Whether working from home, at a branch office, or a customer site, employees and freelancers may need access to your business applications, data and infrastructure to do their jobs properly.

Without the right systems in place, this can cause a significant security threat, as information such as customer data, staff usernames and passwords, or intellectual property will be travelling across unsecured networks (i.e. through the public internet).

A Virtual Private Network removes the risk of this traffic being intercepted, by effectively extending the office network to remote locations, giving every user a safe connection into the business.

How exactly does VPN work?

When a computer is attached to the network via a Virtual Private Network a safe, end-to-end ‘tunnel’ is created over the internet connecting that computer to the private network’s VPN server.

Once authorised, all the data goes down that secure connection so that it can’t be seen or intercepted by the rest of the internet, allowing safe access to private applications and files.

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Other benefits of using a VPN

An encrypted connection through a third party VPN service, allows a network user to stay anonymous online. By protecting their identity and hiding their location, it allows them to bypass censorship and geo-restrictions to certain content and websites.

A VPN can help businesses be more productive and secure by allowing employees and clients to access and share data online through trusted secure connections with a remote computer network.

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