Minimise Staff Turnover and Retain Creative Talent with an IT MSP

Minimise Staff Turnover and Retain Creative Talent with an IT MSP

Contrary to all the recent hype, the creative industry has not been taken over by generative AI tools, it’s still a people business. It’s humans who interface with clients and interpret business requirements, derive creative strategies and approaches and guide the technology that produces the output.  

So, if you want to get the best client retention rates, you need the best staff retention too. 

What role does IT have in keeping your people happy, productive and motivated?  

Cubit Technology is a leading IT MSP in London with 20 years of experience helping creative agencies deal with technology challenges so that each business can maintain the appropriate blend of creativity (to get results) and conformity (to run the business) in a secure and manageable way. 


Improving Communication 

Well-managed IT infrastructure will improve communication and collaboration within an agency. Using tools like Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint for instant messaging and video conferencing allows your team more avenues for communication, whether they’re more of a texter or caller. 

Other services like Slack, G Suite and Zoom also help your team work better as they’re able to connect much more easily. These platforms not only improve real-time collaboration but also contribute to a stronger, more secure, and more connected team, ultimately boosting overall productivity and project success. 


Reducing Stress

IT can help you create a less stressful environment within your agency by streamlining workflows, automating mundane tasks, and providing reliable systems that help you feel more in control. 

For example, project management tools like Asana or Trello can automate task assignments and deadlines, while CRM systems like HubSpot can handle client communications and data entry. 

The issue we find is that IT isn’t always implemented effectively. Many managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT departments fall short in implementing these systems. To ensure your IT infrastructure is set up correctly and works seamlessly, consider consulting an IT specialist; it really does make a difference. Furthermore, ensure that they have a solid understanding of your organisation and company culture.  

A more comfortable environment, facilitated by well-implemented IT solutions, can greatly enhance employee satisfaction and retention, leading to a more productive and happier team. 


Enhancing Work Experience 

A positive work experience is an essential factor in ensuring that your creative talent is happy and, in turn, more likely to remain within your agency. Flexible IT policies can contribute significantly to a more personalised and therefore comfortable work environment. 

For example, allowing remote work through VPN access, offering a choice of preferred software tools, and providing hardware options can make a big difference. By cultivating a workplace that values flexibility and employee comfort, you can create an environment where your team feels valued and motivated, ultimately leading to higher job satisfaction and retention. 


Health and Growth of the Company 

Technology is ingrained in various aspects of running a business, serving as the backbone of modern operations. Well-managed IT infrastructure impacts the overall health of a company, influencing its scalability and growth. 

By implementing proactive health monitoring of the digital environment, IT can prevent issues that might lead to employee frustration. This ensures smooth operations and a more productive workforce. Effective IT management not only supports day-to-day activities but also prepares the business for future expansion, creating a stable foundation for sustained growth and success. 


Cost Reduction 

Optimising your IT infrastructure can lead to significant cost savings, freeing up resources for investment in areas like employee development and benefits. This could include anything from organising more work socials to implementing new reward programs. 

These savings often come from IT measures that boost productivity, such as automations and efficient workflow management. Improving your IT infrastructure with better cybersecurity measures will also protect financial health by preventing costly data breaches and external threats. 


Expert Opinion 

Not all agencies are the same. Consulting a professional IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) can address your unique challenges and provide tailored solutions that fit your specific needs. By partnering with experts, you ensure that your IT infrastructure supports your long-term business goals and creates a stable, attractive workplace for employees. 

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