Best IT achievements to do in 2023

Businesses are increasingly using technology in their daily operations. At Cubit Technology, we’re dedicated to helping digital marketing agencies in London and beyond to tap into the powerful potential that IT has to create a seamless, integrated, and smooth digital experience that empowers their operations and growth.

Here are the top 5 goals for your IT in 2023, given the daily emergence of new technologies that could benefit your business. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • Next-Gen Online Security
  • AI and Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Integration of Digital Channels
  • Budget Conscious Solutions


Next-gen online security

Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and costly. According to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report in 2022, in the US alone, the number of US organisations that are reporting cyber-attacks climbed by over 7% over the last year, while attacks that cause more than $25,000 in damages have jumped from 34% to 40%. This is in line with a wave of other global studies that demonstrate an increase in the number, strength, and harm of cyberattacks.

However, there is plenty of hope and IT solutions! The majority of cyberattacks may be effectively thwarted by the “signature-based” cyber defence systems that are already used by most businesses, but some of the more advanced threats demand more advanced security measures.

“Next-generation” cyber security IT solutions are able to detect unusual activity and take prompt, decisive action, stopping hackers in their tracks using a combination of AI, machine learning, and behavioural psychology. Platforms with increased detection and response abilities are one example. Today’s businesses are using a variety of data storage environments, including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise settings. These systems can provide full environmental security, monitoring, and control, spanning across all of these environments. These IT systems allow for the automation of response duties and offer live threat analysis, allowing real-time monitoring of suspicious activity so that preventative measures can be deployed quickly.

If your company handles a lot of sensitive or secret data, enquire with an IT supplier about next-generation cyber protection.


AI and Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are two current buzzwords in business IT that promise the efficiency benefits that are so in demand in today’s corporate climate.

Even though voice recognition, smart appliances, and grammar checks are increasingly prevalent in consumer technology, artificial intelligence hasn’t yet significantly changed traditional workplaces —until now. As businesses try to learn more about its potential, AI is already present in almost every corporate function, from focused marketing, tools for market forecasting, to predictive security.

Employee onboarding and expense processing are just two of the many uses for business process automation that are growing in popularity. Operations for customer assistance are being simplified in a manner comparable to this. The majority of tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks will undoubtedly be automated in the coming years.

Be sure to get your IT partner to provide assistance if you want to automate and integrate AI into your company processes in 2023.


Internet of things (IoT)

Devices for the internet of things are actual objects with sensors that regularly connect wirelessly to networks to convey data, hence the name, Internet of Things! Certain Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets have built-in computers that let them carry out tasks on their own.

Digital thermostats, smart speakers, and smart doorbells are just a few of the IoT gadgets that have multiplied in homes over the past ten years. Also, it is being utilised more frequently in professional contexts, with the manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation sectors spearheading the trend. You may dramatically reduce the stress on your staff and boost productivity by integrating IoT devices into your network.

The advantages of IoT devices can be shown in remote patient monitoring. Healthcare professionals can focus on the most critical crisis at hand since smart gadgets allow for constant patient welfare monitoring. The use of inventory tracking systems, wireless scanning tools, and IoT devices, which improve fulfilling procedures whilst reducing human error, can empower organisational logistics.

To improve corporate operations, your IT provider should be able to manage IoT implementations. To decrease any potential cyber dangers that such devices may present, they should also support such devices and make sure that the necessary security safeguards are followed.


Integration of Digital Channels

An increasing range of IT softwares and services are becoming integratable and connected together; today, many companies that are striving for a competitive edge are integrating their channels and data and then analysing them using machine learning models to derive real-time insights that can enhance the profitability and growth of their businesses.

Amongst the possibilities are data analytics softwares that bring various datasets and channels together, integrating apps such as ChatGPT with other utilised apps and workflows within the company’s techstack, and as discussed earlier, integrating advanced cybersecurity capabilities across digital and physical IT systems for a foresightful and holistic cybersecurity solution.


Budget-conscious solutions

In SWZD’s “State of IT” poll, 45% of small enterprises were already preparing for a probable recession in 2023. One of the preparatory actions that 43% of respondents have either taken or are considering, is cutting non-essential spending.

Cost-cutting initiatives are anticipated to continue in 2023 given the challenging global economic environment. For potential cost-saving options, many organisations will look to their IT systems. So, there is a need for IT service providers to find and implement cost-effective solutions that guarantee optimum uptime in order to protect their revenue streams. Modern technology can be optimised for business purposes in the following ways:

  • Using SaaS solutions hosted in the cloud rather than more conventional programmes that rely on local hardware, which are more rigid and expensive to maintain.
  • Researching more affordable options for business broadband.
  • Using technologies that gives business intelligence for deriving new insights and value from hitherto underutilised data, which can then be used to boost efficiency and revenue creation.
  • Research remote work options to reduce the demands on office spaces.
  • Changing to a VoIP phone system to take advantage of the maintenance and call cost savings.

IT shouldn’t be expensive, and there are many platforms and solutions available that are relatively inexpensive to use. Make sure the technology your IT provider offers is consistent with your financial restrictions and that they can demonstrate a return on investment for each project in 2023.

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