AI-Generated Music and Soundtracks: Elevating Brand Storytelling

Another key area where AI is driving value for creative businesses such as marketing and PR agencies, is AI-generated music. Whether it’s a company jingle or a cheerful soothing ambience for a video, AI is also transforming the creation of soundtracks that sell. In this piece we will give you an introduction to AI-generated music, how it can benefit creative businesses, and outline a few AI-driven tools that creatives can leverage to further elevate their storytelling game.


What is AI-Generated Music?

First things first, what exactly is AI-created music and soundtracks, and how does it fit into the grand narrative of creative businesses? AI has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s now capable of composing, generating, and selecting music that can seamlessly align with brand values, storytelling and marketing creatives.

In this context, AI can act as a virtual virtuoso for creative agencies, crafting soundtracks and tunes that convey the stories of their clients.


What Makes AI-Generated Music Different?

There are a few key features to AI-generated music that makes it a game-changer for creatives.

Chief among them is the unlimited creativity that’s available. AI can generate an endless stream of unique music tracks tailored to a brand’s personality. Whether you need a soaring orchestral piece or a catchy electronic beat, AI can conjure it up.

AI music-generation platforms are also customisable through features and prompts, enabling creatives to modify the length, genre, emotional tone and composition of the piece. In a fast-paced creative environment, the speed at which music can be generated and modified, is another key advantage.

So, how does AI-powered music benefit businesses? Alongside its scalability and customisability, here’s a few key advantages:

Enhanced Brand Identity: Being able to create a range of tailored soundtracks can help to solidify and align brand identity across a range of musical materials, creating a lasting impression.

Cost-Effective Creativity: Traditional music composition can be expensive. AI offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality or originality.

Time Savings: AI-generated music is swift and efficient, freeing up your team to focus on other aspects of campaign delivery for your clients.

Avoid Licensing Issues: AI-generated music often avoids the copyright and licensing concerns compared to traditional music creation and sourcing.


AI-Powered Music Generation Tools

Now, let’s meet three AI-powered software solutions that can elevate your brand storytelling game:

1. Beatoven offers creatively generated, royalty free music to individuals and brands alike, with a simple four step process that enables users to tailor the music’s genre, mood, instruments, pace and more for content such as videos. Beatoven allows users to upload a video and to create and modify the music around it, such as tailoring the music to different sections of the video.

2. Mubert

Mubert offers a suite of AI-powered music generation features. Whether you need a song, loop, mix or jingle, Mubert’s render tool can be given a prompt to create a soundtrack based on your specifications. Mubert also has an API product specifically focused on music generation for products.

3. Soundraw

Soundraw offers a Creative plan that enables creatives to craft background tracks for a wide range of content types that are royalty-free and free of copyright strikes, making it another good solution for commercial use.



Marketing technologies and AI are increasingly coming together to empower creatives to deliver enhanced results using less time and resources, and soundtracks are no exception! It empowers businesses to craft narratives that don’t just tell stories but also immerse audiences in captivating experiences. Whether its product, brand or explainer videos, AI-generated music can play an empowering role for creative businesses.

We anticipate that alongside other AI-driven technologies, AI-created music will get become more sophisticated, customisable and precise. These technologies are part of a broader trend that is redefining how businesses connect with their audiences, leaving a melodious imprint in the hearts and minds of their consumers. In this context, AI tools such as these soundtrack solutions can help creative agencies to sharpen their competitive edge in a world that is increasingly digital.


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