Overcoming Remote Work Obstacles with Managed IT Services

The number of UK businesses operating entirely onsite reduced from 57% to 30% following the pandemic. Implementing a work-from-home (WFH) model can be especially challenging for creative agencies based in London.

Transitioning to a WFH model will impact your business. However, partnering with an IT managed service provider can help to make this a positive impact. IT tools like cloud hosting, VPNs, and RDS will ensure collaboration and creativity are not compromised!

We will discuss the main challenges of remote working. We will also provide expert IT advice. This advice will help you create a better and safer work-from-home policy.


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Cybersecurity Outside the Office

Working from home can introduce new security challenges. Different locations and networks will offer varying degrees of safety. As workers use cafes and hotels more for work, on public Wi-Fi, more security risks arise. For example, creative projects involving sensitive client information could be compromised if your IT team doesn’t take sufficient measures.

To enhance your protection in these scenarios, consider the security measures you currently use and whether they are sufficient. Using VPNs, firewalls, and MFA can greatly enhance the security of your remote work setup.

What is a VPN?

A VPN connects your computer safely from one place, like your home, to another place, like the office. People call it a VPN Tunnel because it only lets data go in and out through secure openings at each end.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall keeps your computer or network safe by allowing only secure and authorised data to enter or exit. It examines each piece of data trying to get in or out and blocks it if it seems suspicious or harmful.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is the process of using two or more verification methods to confirm your identity. This will involve using passwords, codes in an authenticator app or biometric data like your face or fingerprint. These processes make it much harder for someone to access your accounts.


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Creative Device Management

Creatives across an agency typically use a range of devices and software products to produce work for their clients. Many of these devices will have different configurations, making it more difficult to provide consistent tech support.

Remote monitoring tools, supported by a managed service provider (MSP), can help to reduce technical problems and cybersecurity risks. For example, Cubit uses Datto for Windows PCs and Addigy for Macs.

Datto and Addigy are cloud-based IT management tools. They allow an IT managed services provider to monitor, manage and support devices located anywhere. This is especially useful for work-from-home model creative agencies.


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Communicate and Collaborate without Compromise

Creative processes often involve spontaneous discussion, brainstorming sessions and quick feedback which can be challenging to replicate virtually. Tools that allow you to collaborate and share information are key.

Creative projects involve large files, and managing version control becomes complex when team members are working from various locations. Ensuring everyone has access to the latest version and avoiding duplication of efforts can be challenging.

Microsoft offers a suite of collaborative tools and platforms that make it an excellent choice for creative agencies. Microsoft 365 has popular apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and also includes cloud services like OneDrive and SharePoint.

Building and maintaining relationships with clients may require new strategies when face-to-face meetings are not possible. Virtual communication for client presentations and discussions can be done with the help of services like Teams and Zoom.

Services like Dropbox offer great file-sharing capabilities that allow remote workers to thrive in their collaborative work. For example, it includes 3TB of storage space per user and shows levels of engagement and sign-off status.


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Selecting and Managing Your Tech

Having the right equipment is key to running a productive creative agency. However, ensuring that every team member has the necessary equipment and software at home can be a logistical challenge.

Creatives often navigate a landscape where colleagues use both Mac and PC devices. In such scenarios, the role of IT managed service providers becomes increasingly valuable.

IT managed service providers ensure that the hardware, be it Mac or PC, consistently performs at its best. Maintaining and optimising devices will help creative teams operate better, improving performance and productivity.


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Making Strategic IT Decisions

A strong business plan should include strategies for actions at least three years ahead. This plan must include technology, as it plays an integral role in growth. Who will define that strategy?

Small businesses often lack the same level of IT support as outsourced MSPs, who have more expertise and experience. A dedicated IT MSP will help a business consider long-term aspirations and develop a suitable IT strategy.

At Cubit, we believe in IT as a business enabler so we don’t only fix things when they don’t work. Our goal is to help you stay ahead of your industry by being proactive. We want to introduce new technologies that help your agency and creative staff. That way, they are more creative, more productive and more profitable.

We will advise you on systems and services that help you improve your ways of working. A dedicated helpdesk run by experienced IT professionals can offer many benefits. We can promptly address and resolve technical issues, minimising disruptions to your work.


Addressing these challenges requires a combination of effective communication strategies, collaboration tools, and thoughtful adaptation of workflows to the virtual environment.

The shift to a remote work setup brings undeniable benefits, including reduced costs and increased morale among employees. Managing this is much easier with the onsite or remote support of an IT managed services provider.

At Cubit Technology, we take a proactive approach. We actively support a range of creative agencies and are committed to delivering a comprehensive service. Reach out to Ralph today to discuss whether we can elevate your remote work experience.