AI can empower your email marketing strategies

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for connecting businesses with their audiences, but it is also evolving at a rapid pace. Without personalisation, data-driven insights and a human-touch, this key method for connecting with your audience will not be working to its full potential. In this piece, we will introduce you to five key personalisation and automation strategies for your email marketing, alongside an example tool that you can use to bring them to life.  


Personalisation: Making Emails Feel Human 

We all love to feel seen and cared for, the same is true in email marketing! It can be a turn-off to receive an email that isn’t addressed to your name, contains irrelevant messaging and products, and that arrives at an inconvenient time. The opposite of these kinds of experience are now possible with AI and automation!  

Organised via a CRM, AI can work its magic in this area by analysing a wide array of data points about your prospects and brand, including your messaging, past engagement rates with emails, and a range of messaging best practices gained from a vast pool of marketing data. With this understanding, an AI tool such as Phrasee is able to craft email campaigns that are on-brand, relevant, engaging and ultimately, converting.  


Data Analytics: Identifying Segments & Predicting Their Needs 

AI’s data analytics take personalisation to a whole new level by anticipating what subscribers might need even before they do. Data analytics can be implemented via platforms such as Tableau and Microsoft Azure to integrate with datasets from your CRM software.  

These algorithms analyse historical data patterns to predict future behaviours and preferences accurately. For example, if a subscriber has shown interest in a specific product category in the past, AI can predict similar preferences and send relevant content in subsequent campaigns. 

Data analytics can also play an invaluable role in email segmentation, which will enable more personalisation and precision in your messaging. With data analytics, you can identify specific groups with shared characteristics, interests and behaviours, and can then begin to leverage this data to make intelligent recommendations and predictions.  


Automated Email Campaigns: Efficiency and Timeliness 

What if you could deliver email sequences that were both personalised and automated? With automated email campaigns, this is highly achievable! Imagine a consulting business that gets a new B2B prospect that subscribes to email updates on their website via a chatbot; they also collect the prospect’s sector, business size and reason for registering.  

The business has a set of automated campaigns that are triggerable based on the prospect’s captured data, which enables the new subscriber to be taken down a personalised email sequence journey that includes relevant blog suggestions, tone, time of delivery, and messaging. One tool that can achieve exactly this, is MailChimp 


Subject Line Optimisation: Capturing Attention 

The subject line of an email is equivalent to the email’s shop front; with an appealing and compelling one, you can get a prospect to click through and engage with the content. There are AI-powered subject line optimisation tools that can help you to pick the most compelling messaging so that you can engage your prospects.  

They work by analysing the performance of subject lines in your previous campaigns to break down and identify the words and phrases that get your audience’s attention. An example of this is Brevo, which packs a subject line optimisation tool that can empower you to craft subject lines that sell.  


Smart Content Generation: Dynamic and Relevant Emails 

Smart content generation is a game-changer for in-email personalisation. Dynamic email content changes based on subscriber behaviour and preferences. In this way, it is a responsive and evidence-driven approach to optimising the emails that you send out.  

The dynamic parts of the email are based on dynamic content blocks that are tailored to each subscriber’s unique interests. For example, an e-commerce store emails its subscribers, within the email are product recommendations blocks that link to the website, but the suggestions that pop up to each recipient will be uniquely tailored to them.  

A tool that enables you to implement smart content generation is Movable Ink, which enables you to connect your customer data, content, and to implement logical rules to display truly personalised content to each user.  



Incorporating automation and AI into your email marketing workflows can prove to be a more effective and efficient game-changer for your business. With the help of these technologies, you can deliver more relevant, timely, and converting emails in less time, while building more valuable relationships in your market.  

So, why wait? Get started with embracing the power of AI in your email marketing efforts today and unlock the true potential of personalised, efficient, and impactful email communication with your audience!  


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