Use AI to tailor your marketing campaigns

Marketing, PR and design agencies in London are at the heart of creating some of the most cutting-edge campaigns for brands across the world. The creative landscape is shifting because of new AI-driven technologies that are also becoming increasingly accessible. Many creative agencies are seizing the opportunity that AI-driven personalisation can offer to them by embracing them to enhance campaign performance at a lower cost.  

In this second piece in our series on the application of AI in the marketing and creative industries, we will focus on a range of tools and touchpoints where AI-driven personalisation is offering enhanced value to creatives.  


A Recap on the Power of AI-Driven Personalisation 

In our last piece we discussed the power of AI in deriving audience-insights, which can be used to create campaigns that resonate like never before. With more detailed and insightful audience segmentation and the ability to understand consumer needs before they even speak them, AI is standing to offer more game-changing value to creative businesses.  

Imagine having the ability to rapidly understand not only what your audience likes, but also why they like it. Marketers and creatives have always had a feeling for this, but even historically, have relied on evidence to ensure their campaigns convert. AI takes this ability to understand audiences to new depths, with unprecedented speed. Campaigns that feel more and more like personal conversations are on the way, with the right tools, your agency can exploit this ripe opportunity and get ahead of the curve.  


AI Tools Leading the Personalisation Revolution 

Here are some remarkable AI tools that are transforming the way campaigns are crafted and executed: 

Segmentation with Crystal 

Crystal’s AI-powered platform helps agencies to gain crystal-clear insight into your target audiences’ online profiles and communication patterns, helping them to better understand their audience’s characteristics and communication style. These insights can then be leveraged to tailor messages that align with each recipient’s preferred tone and approach.


Dynamic Email Campaigns with Phrasee 

For email marketing campaigns, Phrasee uses AI to craft subject lines and content that resonate with individual subscribers. By analysing language nuances and emotional triggers, Phrasee ensures that every email strikes a chord with your target audience. 


Personalised Content Creation with Persado 

Persado’s AI-driven platform analyses the emotional language that resonates best with specific segments of your audience. This insight can then be applied to content creation, ensuring that every piece of copy speaks directly to the heart of your target customers.


Customer Journey Enhancement with Blueshift 

Blueshift’s AI technology analyses customer behaviours and interactions across various touchpoints, allowing agencies to create personalised customer journeys. From website visits to email clicks, Blueshift ensures that every step of the journey feels personalised and relevant.


A Glimpse into the Campaign Creation Process 

Picture this: a team of creatives are huddled together brainstorming ideas for an upcoming campaign, a new team player steps into the room, their name is AI!  

With AI-powered personalisation in the mix, the brainstorming process takes an empowering turn for creatives. By no-means a replacement, AI complements the team by enabling them to create even more exciting and relevant campaigns. Here’s how AI can contribute to campaign creation:  

  • Data-Driven Insights: AI tools help gather and analyse data from diverse sources, offering insights into audience preferences, behaviours, and engagement patterns. Armed with this correlated data, agencies gain a clear understanding of their audience’s interests and pain points. 
  • Segmentation Strategy: Based on the data insights, agencies can segment their audience into more distinctive groups with shared characteristics. Each segment becomes a canvas for crafting messaging and creative content that really speaks to them.  
  • Content Customisation: Using AI-powered tools like Phrasee and Persado, agencies can craft messaging that strikes the right chord with audiences, as well as meet their communication preferences. Whether it’s an email subject line or a social media post, the content is able to be made to feel like it was crafted specifically for each recipient. 
  • Journey Mapping: With platforms like Blueshift, agencies can map out the customer journey and identify the touchpoints where personalised interactions can make the most impact. This ensures that every step of the journey is cohesive, engaging, and relevant. 
  • Real-Time Optimisation: As campaigns roll out, AI technology continues to monitor and analyse audience responses. This real-time feedback loop allows agencies to make data-driven adjustments on the fly, refining the campaign for maximum effectiveness. 


Embracing AI for Enhanced Creativity 

Marketing and creative agencies in London and beyond, are known for pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. Incorporating AI-powered personalisation into the campaign creation process doesn’t replace creativity, it enhances it!  

By leveraging AI-powered personalisation tools, agencies can step into the shoes of their audience like never before by understanding their preferences and desires with unprecedented accuracy. This level of insight has the potential to truly sharpen agencies’ competitive edge. As time goes by, it’s very likely that more agencies will adopt AI-driven technology, by taking steps to get ahead of the curve, you can empower your marketing agency and clients to deliver more value than ever before.  


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