Are You Managing Your Company Emails Effectively?

In most businesses, emails are the central hub of the operation and as such, it is important that they are managed effectively. A simple thing such as a missed email could result in a loss of business, such is the importance of getting it right. It is common to become completely swamped with emails, so much so that it can be difficult to get on with day to day tasks. These can be some tell-tale signs that you are not managing your company emails as effectively as you could be.

Too Many

Are you receiving too many emails, so much so that you are struggling to keep on top of them? If this is the case, it may be that you are sending too many! Emails can go back and forth all day, when a simple phone call could resolve the issue much more quickly. Think about whether you are receiving too many and whether or not a phone call might be more effective and build this into your business strategy.

Acknowledge Receipt

Most of us are so busy with our work that we can’t respond straight away to emails and this can be frustrating for the sender. They may even follow up asking whether or not you received it. Annoying for both you and them! If you can’t get back to emails straight away, it is a good idea to put an acknowledgment receipt, stating when the sender can expect a response. This way, they know you have received it, when you will get back to them and if it is urgent, they can give you a call instead. This can save a lot of hassle and is much more professional for your business.

Organise your Inbox

A cluttered email can cause stress and may easily lead to missing important emails. A good way to deal with this is to create folders for emails which needs to be actioned and those which have been dealt with. This means you won’t feel under as much pressure in the morning when you open your inbox and will make you more efficient as a business.

Stay Professional

One of the problems with emails is that they can be taken the wrong way or can lead to arguments, many of which wouldn’t take place if it was a face to face discussion. There are a lot of ‘keyboard warriors’ out there who will say things they would never dream of, as they are hiding behind a computer. In order to manage your emails effectively, make sure your staff stay professional, no matter what customers are saying. It is impossible to completely retract what you have put down in writing and this can be damaging to the reputation of the business. This does not mean staff should take abuse, but getting into an email war is not beneficial for any business. When you stay professional, no one can come back on you, so your reputation stays intact.