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Our client is the leading independent provider for creating music that’s written and produced for the use in media. With offices and production studios in 42 countries around the world, they support the world’s biggest brands. As a result of their extensive music library, they required a new platform in order to securely and efficiently backup their ever-growing collection. Their data and files resided on workstations and servers leaving them vulnerable to hardware failure, environmental disaster or corruption due to cyber attacks. The client required a platform that was secure, easily accessible yet scalable as their music library grew.

Cubit Technology was brought in based on their experience and reputation for providing cloud migration and online backup solutions to businesses across London. After conducting an IT and infrastructure audit and discussing at length with the stakeholders their options, Cubit recommended Microsoft Azure. Azure would replace the existing on-premise backup with a cloud-based solution providing simple, secure, and cost-effective backup of their data and files. As a cloud-based service, Azure provides back-up, protection and restoration of data that resides in the Microsoft Cloud. The benefits of Azure backup included:

  • Offloading their current on-premise backup in favour of the Cloud
  • Ability to scale easily as their music library grows with Azure’s limitless Cloud
  • Unlimited inbound or outbound data transfer
  • Data encryption keeping data secure in transit and at rest in storage
  • Centralised built-in monitoring and management with alerting capabilities
  • Automatic storage management so they only had to pay for the storage they consumed

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