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Our client was an award-winning healthcare policy and communications consultancy about to relocate their office. They required a seamless move with as little disruption and downtime as possible. They were also in need of a robust IT network fit out for their new office. The client required not only a smooth transition from their current setup to outsourced IT, but also fixed and mobile telephony capabilities and secure networks for all devices and data.

They required a team that could work quickly and efficiently to meet their deadlines. Cubit Technology was contacted because of our reputation and experience of being one of London’s top IT firms.

Cubit worked with their team to determine exactly what type of infrastructure they required in their new setup. We performed an existing IT audit and made recommendations based on their business requirements.

As part of our full IT relocation services, we sourced equipment such as phone lines, cabling, handsets and printers through third party providers and managed the installation from start to finish. As part of the final solution, we recommended installing the Horizon phone system for their VOIP needs as well as implementing Microsoft 365, a cloud based solution to ensure all staff were able to work from anywhere and at any time. As part of updating their security, multi-factor authentication was also enabled in order to keep all of these devices and data protected.

Cubit Technology successfully relocated the client’s IT to their new office without any major disruptions. This was coupled with a comprehensive IT strategy that moved them to a robust new IT infrastructure. This enabled them to achieve efficient and cost-effective IT operations by purchasing equipment from our third party suppliers as well as setting up a cloud-based solution that overall allowed their employees and business greater productivity.

If you’re looking for IT relocation services in London, Cubit Technology may be the right choice for your business.

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If you’re looking looking for an IT Support company in London, Cubit Technology may be the right Office IT Support provider for your business.

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