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Our client is an award-winning communications agency featured in PR Week’s UK top 50 agencies. Based in London’s media hub and with over 90 employees, their Consultants require immediate access to communicate with clients at all times in order to respond to media developments.

The agency operated on an outdated email system run on an unreliable exchange server. It was vulnerable to the threat of interruption and down time due to poor internet connectivity, electrical and hardware failure. They required an upgrade to a system that was robust, reliable and flexible in order to keep communications open and be available to their Consultants anytime and from anywhere. They required a vendor to recommend, implement and provide ongoing support for a new email system that was cost effective.

Cubit Technology had already been working with the agency as their IT support partner and had the industry expertise and commercials that worked within their business IT strategy. Cubit worked with them to determine the best way forward by looking at the metrics and assessing the alternative solutions available. As a result, we recommended Outlook 365 because of its simplified migration, flexibility, robustness and was also cost efficient. We already had significant experience migrating several of our clients to Outlook 365 and had even migrated our own email to it.

Cubit provided a full service from planning to implementation with our Technical Director overseeing the project and a dedicated Account Manager who handled commercials and liaised with Microsoft over licenses. Our technicians then managed data migration and the reconfiguration of PCs and phones. All was delivered seamlessly within six weeks with Cubit onsite the day of launch to provide support.

The email migration to Outlook 365 moved the agency from an old version of Microsoft Exchange to the very latest technology available. Not only did it mitigate the threat of email interruption but it also gave the agency a better user experience through an easier interface and significant improvements to mailbox and email size.

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