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If you’re looking for a B-Corp Certified IT Company, while we’re not B-Corp Certified ourselves, we wholeheartedly embrace the ethos and practices outlined by the Certification. We have outlined below the requirements that you will be looking for from your Suppliers and our answers – making selecting Cubit as your perfect IT Support partner a breeze

What can you expect from us?


When considering potential suppliers, it’s important to evaluate not only their product or service quality and cost effectiveness but also their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Here are some questions and answers that display why Cubit is the right choice as your supplier


Can you provide a detailed account of your sustainability initiatives and practices?

We are well-prepared to display a comprehensive overview of our sustainability practices and the ongoing initiatives we undertake to continuously enhance our sustainability efforts, aligning them seamlessly with the rigorous standards and requisites of B-Corp.


How do you actively reduce your environmental footprint during the production and distribution of your products and services?

Through an examination of our past and present endeavours aimed at waste reduction, resource preservation, and carbon footprint minimisation, we gain valuable insights into the results of our actions. This, in turn, enables us to continually integrate more efficient strategies for further improvement and evaluate what strategies work the best. This shows our enduring commitment to the advancement of environmental considerations and gives you confidence in choosing Cubit as your IT provider.


Could you share insights into your supply chain transparency and ethical sourcing practices?

Yes. We are more than happy to show our sourcing practices to make sure that you have no ethical worries about our suppliers and sourcing methods when choosing Cubit as your IT support provider.


What steps have you taken to champion local communities or support disadvantaged groups through your business operations?

At Cubit, our foremost commitment is to place customers and the community above all else, and we spare no effort in providing unwavering support and accommodation, particularly for disadvantaged groups within our operations. We take great pride in our well-informed, accommodating, and empathetic approach towards all segments of society and our local community.


Are there any initiatives in place to benefit your employees, such as fair wages, benefits, or employee ownership programs?

At Cubit, we uphold a uniform standard of respect for all our employees, ensuring that no one faces pay disparities, and we actively reward diligent efforts with benefits. We regularly engage with our workforce to proactively address operational concerns, reviewing compensation, benefits, and promptly resolving any emerging issues.


How do you manage product or service recalls and maintain rigorous quality control?

At Cubit, we hold quality control in the highest regard, proceeding with a multi-faceted review process to guarantee the attainment of excellence in every product or service. Our objective extends beyond client satisfaction; we aspire to leave our clients impressed by the caliber of our offerings. In addressing product concerns, we exhibit the utmost swiftness, reassuring clients that they are out top priority.


What is your long-term commitment to sustainability and social responsibility?

We uphold a steadfast and enduring commitment to sustainability and responsibility by perpetually researching and adopting innovative strategies to minimise waste and maximise sustainability. Our approach involves a comprehensive review of past endeavours, enabling us to implement new practices, improved practices or extend our sustainability initiatives to different facets of our operations.


What mechanisms do you have in place to report and ensure transparency regarding your social and environmental performance?

We systematically conduct analytical assessments of each operational facet to evaluate its sustainability and environmental implications. This data is recorded and made available to prospective partners who are committed to aligning with our mission. Additionally, we can engage in surveys with our existing clients and local communities, providing transparent access to statistical insights and the sentiments of our clients and communities regarding our operational impacts; helping to prove our transparency.


How do you plan to collaborate with us to advance our shared sustainability and social impact goals?

At Cubit, we possess the capability to assess your operations comprehensively, offering insights and recommendations for enhancing your environmental footprint and bolstering your sustainability initiatives. This collaborative approach not only benefits your organisation but also creates a valuable exchange of best practices within our partnership. Together, harnessing the collective strength of our companies, we can significantly contribute to global environmental improvement by reducing our collective impact on the planet.


What contingency plan do you have in place for unexpected disruptions, such as supply chain issues or natural disasters, while maintaining sustainability goals?

At Cubit, we take great pride in our resilience and are committed to maintaining contingency plans that consistently align with our sustainability goals. These contingency plans can also be a valuable resource for your business in the event of unexpected issues. Importantly, at Cubit, we stand firm against any temptation to resort to unethical or unsustainable practices, even when challenges arise. We have an unwavering dedication to uphold our standards.


Are there opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies through sustainable practices, like reduced energy usage or waste reduction?

Indeed, the adoption of sustainability practices presents numerous long-term cost-saving advantages. Take, for instance, the utilisation of solar panels instead of burning fossil fuels to power your IT. This not only mitigates environmental impact by eliminating fuel consumption but also upholds sustainability through solar power utilisation. Such benefits not only align with established standards and contribute to environmental well-being but also hold the potential to enhance your business’s profitability.


How do you handle feedback and concerns from partners regarding your sustainability and social responsibility efforts?

We diligently evaluate feedback from our partners and engage in comprehensive internal and client discussions to determine the most suitable course of action based on this feedback, regardless of its nature, be it positive or negative. Any client concerns are promptly addressed, accompanied by clear explanations of our operational methods and their benefits. Subsequently, we empower the client to assess the validity of our explanation or the necessity to rectify our actions, with the assurance that the latter will be treated as a top priority.


Can you provide a comprehensive overview of your company’s vision, mission, and values, with a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility?

At Cubit, our vision is to lead by example in the integration of sustainability and social responsibility into our core business practices. Our mission revolves around ensuring that our operations are not only profitable but also make a positive impact on the environment and society.

We value sustainability as a fundamental aspect of our corporate identity. It’s embedded in our values and objectives. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint by continually seeking innovative solutions to reduce waste, conserve resources, and mitigate our carbon emissions. We maintain a strong commitment to social responsibility by actively supporting disadvantaged groups and promoting community welfare.

Our approach to sustainability and social responsibility is not just a supplement to our business; it’s an integral part of our corporate culture. We work diligently to meet the highest standards in these areas while fostering transparency and responsibility in all our operations.

Ultimately, our vision, mission, and values are geared towards ensuring that our business practices contribute positively to a sustainable and socially responsible future. Which is why we have referenced to the B-Corp certification as we prioritise meeting their requirements and standards and maintaining them at all times.


At Cubit, we hope that our FAQ section provides answers to any questions you may have. However, if you find your questions unanswered, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to address any enquiries you may have.

How We Keep Up with The Requirements

Cubit, while not holding an official B Corps certification, is a shining example of a company that conforms to the rigorous standards and practices set by B Corps. This commitment to aligning with B Corp principles without seeking certification speaks volumes about our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. We have recognised the significance of upholding the values encapsulated by B Corps, including transparency, accountability, and environmental sustainability, and have made these principles an integral part of our corporate ethos.

One of the core elements of B Corp Certification is the B Impact Assessment, which assesses a company’s impact on various stakeholders, from employees and customers to the environment and community. Cubit voluntarily undergoes similar assessments and regularly evaluates its practices to ensure they meet high standards in social and environmental performance. This self-assessment approach demonstrates our genuine commitment to reducing harm across the environment and society, mirroring the goals of B Corp-certified companies.

Furthermore, our dedication to upholding B Corp practices extends to their transparency in operations, ethical decision-making, and efforts to balance profit with purpose. While we may not have the official certification, our actions speak loudly about our intentions and efforts to contribute positively to the world. In essence, Cubit serves as a testament to the fact that embracing B Corp values and practices can be a powerful force for change, even without formal certification, making them a role model for responsible business practices.

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