Holistic cyber security to cover all of your security needs

More Control, More Security

The amount and sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing. You simply need to own data or assets for your organisation to be a target to cyber criminals.

Cubit Technology works with F-Secure to cover all aspects of cyber security, leveraging over 30 years of expertise and award winning technologies.

We make use of a suite of automated tools and accumulated data, along with continuously improving technology, to comprehensively predict, prevent, detect and respond to the latest threats.

A complete cyber security solution for your business

F-Secure consistently provides the best protection levels on the market, it is simple to use, updates automatically, and does not put too much pressure on system performance. It was designed to simplify the demanding security needs of modern organisations.

F-Secure’s award- winning holistic portfolio of cyber security solutions will cover all of your organisation’s cyber security needs.

Seamless Security

F-Secure’s Business Suite brings best-of-breed security features together seamlessly, leaving no place for vulnerabilities. At its heart is Policy Manager, a scalable control centre that enables you to manage all security applications in one place.

Control the whole IT environment with one versatile tool

Complete, uncompromised security to ensure safe business

Performance and scalability for companies of all sizes and structures

Reliable security that lets you focus on your core business

Easy to use, update and purchase

Designed to have minimal impact on system performance

See how F-Secure can provide the best protection for your organisation

F-Secure’s Business Suite

F-Secure’s Business Suite is an on-site solution that continuously offers the best protection for organisations of all sizes. Its centralised management gives you full control of all assets to improve security, while allowing your employees to work flexibly. Business Suite offers full visibility and transparency into the security status of your system at all times. This allows you to be sure that your organisation is secured against all threats.

  • Proven best security for business endpoints
  • Less hassle with an all-in-one package
  • Less work by using automation, combined with easy control
Cyber Security Priorities Ebook

Spotlight on UK IT Decision Makers - Cyber Security Priorities

This guide provides an insight into where IT decision makers are focussing their budgets to meet the challenges of a fast changing threat landscape; how COVID is driving rising cyber security spend; and the strategic importance of relationships between businesses and security providers.

Download our Ebook to learn more about Cyber Security Priorities.