Microsoft SharePoint

Share, manage and collaborate content with your team

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

As part of Microsoft 365, SharePoint is a browser and Cloud based platform. It’s a tool that’s designed to enhance collaboration, data and content sharing within your business and to organise teams and projects while managing risk. As a powerful business tool, this online platform is accessible via a URL and allows businesses to store, organise, share, and access information from anywhere and from any device through a standard web browser.

SharePoint is a collaboration and document management system that can boost productivity and communication while providing security for your organisation’s documents. It allows employees to search and access a library of business documents while enabling collaboration within teams and with clients. You can easily track and manage documents for review and approval including signatures.

How easy is SharePoint to implement?

As a Microsoft SharePoint Consultant, Cubit Technology will analyse your business needs in order to put together a sitemap on how it will work for your business. As its highly configurable, we can design a custom hub site to fit within how your business. We can easily migrate your entire document library over to SharePoint and its centralised online location works as an Intranet functionality to manage internal communications.

Microsoft Sharepoint Features

Simplify workflows

Initiate, track and report common business activities like document review and approval, issue tracking and signature collection. Simple sharing and seamless collaboration.

Harness collective knowledge

Sharepoint’s powerful search, content management and conversations via Yammer allow a business to make informed decisions by discovering information and insights.

Manage User Permissions

Specify user permissions to certain documents and policies to ensure they are efficiency manage in accordance with your compliance regulations.

Intranet Functionality

Employees can use store and share information with colleagues or other departments by setting up SharePoint hub sites that integrate with Microsoft Teams Engage.

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Is Microsoft SharePoint Secure?

Microsoft SharePoint is highly secure as the data housed within it is stored at the Microsoft G-Cloud data centres in the UK. As well, SharePoint has several built-in security features that allows Site Administrators to control who within your organisation has access to sites and documents. You and your team can also utilise the multitude of document management permissions to ensure that you protect your confidential business data from any un-authorised access.

The Benefits of Microsoft Sharepoint

Customisable and Scalable

Microsoft Sharepoint integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft products. There are many tools to suit your business and custom features, components and tools can be built. Apps can be modified to fit your specific business or project requirements. As well, you can easily add or remove users easily.

Collaboration and information exchange

SharePoint seamlessly connects employees with the documents, information, people, and projects they need. It simplifies access to business information between teams by enabling real-time collaboration and keeping everyone informed. Version control is not an issue as you can maintain a single document while allowing multiple users to continuously update it. This includes a record of the changes and the ability to revert back to an earlier version if needed.

Access your documents from anywhere

SharePoint allows users to access email, business documents or collaborate at any time and from anywhere via the Cloud.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

The security of business data is a major concern for businesses. With an increase of cyberattacks, SharePoint can prevent security breaches as its one of the most secure platforms. With a range of security features, your team can share files and collaborate while controlling and monitoring who has access to specific data and sites. Your data will also be protected while sharing and moving it. You can also ensure compliance by specifying security settings, storage and auditing policies. Monitoring user behaviour, seeing when documents were accessed and organising permissions. Hosting operations through an integrated platform reduces your businesses vulnerability from leaks and attacks across multiple systems.

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